20 simple ways to pump up your Facebook page

One of HoneyBadger’s specialties is simplifying often complex notions and distilling them into simple marketing and advertising steps which are easy for small and medium businesses to follow.

Here are 20 simple yet effective ways to pump up your Facebook page:
Post Pics:
Use more images (and less text) when posting on your Facebook page. As they say “a picture paints a thousand words” and can say so much more than screeds of text.
Make Plans:
Pre-plan and preschedule your Facebook posts. Try not to be overly reactive in social media, whilst being fast to react and agile can be a good thing, so can pre-planning. You already know what products and services, and what seasons or times of the year, are most important and effective for you so pre-plan your Facebook posts well ahead of time so that you’re never in a panic about what do to, when or why.
Ted Turner famously said “early to bed early to rise, work like hell and advertise”. Facebook is an advertising platform just like any other and you can achieve great traction even on the most modest of budgets. Even £100 per week will get some decent momentum for you. One warning though – be consistent month in month out.
Make sure your Facebook page details are correct – phone, address, email and web links.
Free Tools:
Facebook has a great Call-to-Action button you can deploy for free – make sure you use it.
People like relevant change. Change your Facebook cover image every now and then.
Add the Events dropdown to your Facebook page and starting creating events and sales.
Stay on top of changes to Facebook – if you want to become Facebook Certified visit
Stand Out:
Be creative.
Show & Tell:
Post images of your employees, owners, products, services and industry.
Join forces with other businesses on Facebook.
Get Active:
Like, comment and share from your business Facebook Page to your personal account.
Get the Facebook Ads Manager onto your smart phone so that you can manage and post on to your page on the run.
Only post things that are relevant to your business and its goings on. Stay away from political, religious or ideological commentary.
Customise your Facebook url by visiting – it will be much easier for you customers to remember and find you.
Add your customised Facebook url to all your business cards and collateral. Add Facebook links to your email signature, Facebook icons on your website and all your other social media networks where possible and when appropriate.
Visit other Facebook pages to see what they’re doing – learn, deploy and improve.
Invite your followers to contribute but don’t forget to answer them back.
Post frequently and regularly – one a day should be enough – but whatever you do don’t be annoying.