5 festive season marketing ideas for Facebook

A recent study by Facebook shows more and more consumers are using their smart phones to shop or at least to plan their shopping as they move towards the holiday season. Your customers are connecting with friends, family and (hopefully) you in preparation for the biggest buying season of the year and they’re doing it increasingly on their mobile devices. The report also details that social media is becoming a greater factor in the buyers decision-making process.

Is your business mobile and social ready? We’ve compiled five simple promotional ideas you can use to boost your sales as we inch closer and closer to the festive season.


1. Your Customers Celebrate
During the end of Festive Season, Facebook users share over 25% more posts, photos and videos than at any other time of the year and leading the way is video which is shared 50% more than at any other time. Don’t ignore the trend and join in by sharing news about your sales and relevant products and services. You can start by creating greeting cards making sure you include some (mobile friendly) videos. Perhaps you can do a demo on a new product, have staff model the latest clothing, take a 360-degree look around your store (make sure that you’re decorated for the holidays), you could even have staff give personal Christmas or Seasonal Greetings.

2. Last Minute Dot Com
As is with most people we like to cram. We run late and resist planning by procrastinating over tasks we know we should do but often wait until the last minute – the same goes with holiday shopping. Often with only a few days to go before Christmas many of us are still racing around looking for things to buy – this includes your customers too. A great idea is to reach your last minute customers via social media – take a look around you – what are your customers looking at? It’s the mobile device in their hands and 9/10 it’ll likely be the Facebook news feed that they’re scrolling through. Perhaps you could feature grab-and-go gifts (maybe you can prepack and even pre-wrap gifts and make them ready to go), offer free gift-wrapping, what about featuring a gift wrap tip video, you could even drive late sales by posting small gift suggestions for those last minute receivers the kids teachers, the hairdresser or spare gifts for the surprise visitor.

3. To Thine Own Self Be True
In some reports more than half of the consumers buying gifts for Christmas will often buy something for themselves. You can use Facebook to remind your customers to treat themselves at this often stressful time of the year. For example, if you have the right kind of business you can post images of stress-relieving services or products to draw out purchases – like two for one massages or facials. You get the idea.

4. The Millennial
According to Facebook the millennial generation is 2 times more likely to check social media prior to purchasing and they’re 3.2 times more likely to use Instagram to do so. Some say Millennials don’t like to think too much and that a mobile device is as necessary as breathing so make sure your posts are not only mobile friendly but they also give direction – a gift for Dad, a gift for Mum and other image rich ideas for their loved ones.

5. Share and Share Alike
Get some real and new business social traction by offering a small incentive (maybe free gift wrapping) for customers to post images of themselves in your store, gifts they’re buying for themselves and / or most importantly ask them to check-in to your store as they shop. By encouraging your customers to share where they are you’ll be able to attract their friends, family and extended network into your store as well.For more advice on getting more bang for your buck on social media platforms contact your HoneyBadger Small Business Advisor today.