5 Social media trends to embrace in 2019

The social media marketing bubble continues to grow.  In order to reach new audiences and grow their brand, many businesses are investing a greater proportion of their time and energy in social media marketing versus more traditional marketing channels.  With 98% of digital consumers being social media users, and spending an average 142 minutes a day on social channels[1], it’s important to understand how your brand can grow, and develop a marketing strategy that differentiates you from others.

We take a look at 5 key social media trends to embrace in 2019 to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Tell a story to build your brand

Social media platforms are evolving at pace with the main platforms launching new features and ad formats to allow users and businesses to tell their stories and share their narrative with their potential customers.  Storytelling offers a deeper way in which to connect with potential customers in a more human and personal way, but it does demand a mix of more resource intensive video, image and graphics in order to flex that creative muscle.

Tools such as Carousel ads and Canvas ads are all helping to change the way in which users consume social media content and provide businesses with the mechanics they need to share their own stories.

Quality not quantity.

We have said it before in previous articles, but it’s always worth repeating that what’s crucial in any relationship is quality, not quantity, and the same mantra still applies in 2019, but even more stringently.  It’s a common mistake for businesses to ride upon the trend of social media growth and be tempted to flood social media platforms with mediocre and uninspiring content. What really counts is building a relationship and trust with potential customers, something that won’t be achieved through spamming their inbox or newsfeeds with weak, inconsistent or irrelevant information.  Businesses that will succeed in 2019 will be those who create high quality, creative and engaging content that adds value for their audience.

Influencer marketing is key

Influencer marketing focuses on hiring key leaders to drive a brand’s message to the wider market. It goes hand in hand with social media marketing and will continue to grow with many prominent figures and celebrities endorsing branded goods and partnerships through videos and posts on their own personal social channels. They can be incredibly effective in heightening brand awareness and driving traffic because we inherently trust and are interested in the people we follow on social media.

Influencer marketing will become more important in 2019 with brands using this form of marketing as a way of reaching wider news feeds and gaining greater organic reach than they would otherwise be able to achieve on their own.

Facebook allows marketers to amplify content that their brands are tagged in[2].  These types of tools help brands execute more effective influencer campaigns by scaling the reach of influencer-generated content directly to their target audiences and all at the click of a button.

Selfie, selfie, selfie

Who doesn’t love a good selfie?  The selfie culture continues to gain momentum across all social media platforms.  World leaders and celebrities continue to engage in selfies as a way of drawing high interest across social media.  Who doesn’t remember the “Oscar selfie” produced by Ellen DeGeneres, which became the most famous selfie of all time, breaking the retweets record and crashing Twitter?[2]  Although this happened back in 2014, it was probably one of the first universally global examples of how the selfie culture could immediately raise the profile and awareness of a particular topic or event.  Fast forward 5 years to 2019 and this culture is ingrained in the world of celebrities and used daily by the likes of Justin Beiber, Beyoncé and the Kardashians to raise their profiles.

2019 will see the popularity of the selfie photo evolving into the self-recorded video. Like the selfie photo, the selfie video allows users to capture a moment in time, but the video format allows users to communicate in a deeper and more personal way than a photo ever could. Selfie videos tend to be short and feel more immediate than a written post with a photo. 

Whilst selfies are generally commonplace in personal users lives, businesses should think about how they can incorporate selfie photos or videos into their plans to deliver a different form of exciting and engaging content to their potential customers and enhance their social media strategy.

Make your brand more human

Putting a real, human face to a brand is key in building trust and loyalty, especially for small, relatively unknown businesses.  Personal branding gives a business a human element that will naturally connect customers and make the brand seem more relatable[3].   

Those companies that are able to link quality content with genuine human contact are much more likely to capture the customer’s attention. Online advisors, staff or owner generated video blogs and Live chat will, providing they are executed professionally, reassure the customer, and reinforce the brand.

So there you have it, 5 trends which will continue to grow well into 2109 and beyond.  If you can’t incorporate them all at once or don’t know where to start, take some baby steps.  Choose one or two, dip your toe in the water and have a go.  Learn from your experiences and your plans will become more effective in the future.



[3] =Math.m