Call-To-Action with Instagram Story Placements

If you’re determined to get the best ad results, interweaving Instagram and Facebook together is a no-brainer. Instagram has grown from strength to strength since its acquisition by Facebook, starting with 40 million users before, to now just over 600 million and this year is estimated to be no different.


In August 2016, Facebook announced Snapchat-like stories for Instagram users that disappear after 24 hours and from the current statistics the user base are loving it. Stories are a collection of videos and/or pictures that will only be available to view for a limited amount of time. As of 11th January 2017, Adweek and a recent postfrom Zuckerberg himself reported that 150 million users are creating Instagram stories every day.

In order to capitalize on this success, Facebook have now announced the ability for advertisers to place short adverts within these stories. It’s currently in testing, but will be rolled out to all advertisers in the coming months.


If you’re using Facebook and you’ve been following our blogs, you’ll know the value of keeping up with the most recent platform developments. If you take away one key piece of advice, it’s this: if Facebook are paying attention to potential marketing advancements, then so should you.

Here is one recent example of this: when Facebook released LIVE videos, what happened? They were granted higher organic reach than any other content type. Why? Because when Facebook focus on something they do it for a reason, namely, it’s going to improve the platform and provide better content for the users.

Now let’s look at what Instagram’s stories mean for you. Think about it this way; what marketing principles cause people to buy now, rather than later? Scarcity and Fear of Loss! – Those are the exact principles in play with Instagram Stories and subsequently, the adverts you place within them.


Placing an advert within an ‘exclusive’ story on Instagram will allow your adverts to take hold of the stories’ exclusivity. So if you’re already running a ‘Brand Awareness’ campaign and it’s coming up to the season when you’ll have stock that you need to clear, an offer that you want people to claim or a new product/service you want people to be aware of – the Instagram story placement will be a fantastic tool to run a ‘Call To Action’ campaign and take advantage of the people flocking to posts they won’t be able to see again.


1) If Facebook pay attention to something to do with marketing, you should too.
2) Using Instagram with your Facebook marketing is a helpful way to increase your reach and is easy to do thanks to Facebook’s acquisition.
3) Keep an eye out for ‘Instagram Story’ ad placement. It will be released within the coming months and will be perfect for ‘Call To Action’ campaigns.