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4 tips to get started with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing focuses on hiring key leaders to drive a brand’s message to the wider market. It goes hand in hand with social media marketing and will continue to grow with many prominent figures and celebrities endorsing branded goods and partnerships through videos and posts on their own personal social channels. They can be incredibly… Read more »

Facebook Ads Manager adds even more tools to its armoury

Facebook Ads Manager is a powerful ad management tool often referred to as your “campaign command centre”[1].  It’s an all-in-one tool for creating ads, managing when and where they’ll run, and tracking how well your campaigns are performing.  Designed for advertisers of any experience level, it does require some investment in time to develop the… Read more »

5 Social media trends to embrace in 2019

The social media marketing bubble continues to grow.  In order to reach new audiences and grow their brand, many businesses are investing a greater proportion of their time and energy in social media marketing versus more traditional marketing channels.  With 98% of digital consumers being social media users, and spending an average 142 minutes a… Read more »

The rise of ‘slow social’ – 3 strategies that business users can develop to deliver long term social media success

A recent article in The Economist’s The World in 2019 claims that ‘after years of optimising for attention, social media networks are putting on the brakes. Previously every software update aimed to reduce the ‘friction’ of interaction, allowing information to be accessed and spread with absolute ease. These changes, if successful, will mean that the… Read more »

‘Out with the old and in with the Review’ – why 2018’s Facebook updates make 2019 the year to nail advertising on Facebook!

Facebook advertising is set to grow well into 2019, providing small businesses with a cost effective opportunity to precisely target millions of users.  As we enter into the New Year, we take a look back at some of last year’s key announcements and developments which solidify why Facebook is the place to advertise your business… Read more »

Safer for all – Why Instagram’s new ‘About This Account’ feature is an important addition for business users

It’s perhaps no coincidence that Instagram recently announced that, in common with their owners Facebook, they have taken steps to improve the safety of their user experience. Instagram’s ‘About This Account’ feature is designed to allow users to understand a number of important factors about other accounts.  It’s an issue which is becoming increasingly important… Read more »

5 tips to add some sparkle to your social media plans for Christmas

Christmas and the holiday season is a busy time for many businesses.  As consumers spend more time and money than ever before online, the holiday season has become big business with marketeers striving to compete in a frantic market and claim their slice of the yuletide log. With the average person spending 9 hours per… Read more »

5 Top tips for delivering a social media content calendar

With the average person spending over 2 hours per day on social media and accessing their newsfeeds up to 15 times daily , it’s essential for small businesses to not only understand social media marketing but to embrace it and build an effective strategy to connect with potential customers. Many organisations love how flexible social… Read more »

Now you see it, now you don’t (but maybe you do)! – What Facebook Custom Audience sizes mean for small business

Facebook Custom Audiences are created from lists of people who are already in your database.  These can range from your current customers, past purchasers, high value customers, loyalty program members, sales leads or anyone who has visited, browsed, bought from or interacted with your website.  Basically it can include anyone who is on you customer… Read more »

Seeing is believing! – Why visual advertising should be part of your digital plan

With online shopping forecast to grow by 57% this year[1] and with many people choosing to research online before they buy it’s important for small businesses to project themselves online in a way which not only represents their business, but displays themselves and the products and services that they offer in the most attractive and… Read more »

How to win friends and influence people – 4 Facebook marketing tips

Many small businesses wonder if it’s worth their time and effort to get their business onto the Facebook platform.  But crucially, with 75% of people saying they consider social media as part of the buying process[1], it’s a necessity for any business wanting to increase their customers and revenue. If you are lacking inspiration, and… Read more »

Developing a Fear of Rejection? Why Facebook’s ‘clear history’ doesn’t have to be the end of a beautiful relationship

Mark Zuckerberg was scarified for his recent performance in front of Congress for a few things, but it was his weak grasp of the detail with regards to how Facebook user’s private information was being shared, and used for what purpose, that really upset people. So, his recent announcement[1] that users will be able to… Read more »

Tell a deeper story with Carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram

With social media advertising becoming increasingly important, it’s vital to look at how you can deliver the most effective proposition for your business. With nearly 80% of social media time being spent on mobile devices[1], it’s important for small businesses to think about how their ads are positioned to compete in the current social media… Read more »

“Choose your weapons” – How to select the most appropriate Facebook advertising method

People often have a lot of questions about the different methods of Facebook advertising, and their relative strengths and weaknesses.  Selecting the right one can enable businesses to achieve a cost effective way to market their organisation whilst delivering outstanding ROI.  So what are Facebook ads and how do you get started?  Facebook advertising can… Read more »

Facebook Ad Metrics – what businesses need to know

People often have a lot of questions about Facebook advertising.  Getting it right can enable businesses to achieve a cost effective way to market their organisation whilst delivering outstanding ROI.  With 93% of marketeers worldwide using Facebook advertising on a regular basis[1] it’s no surprise that Facebook are investing in many new ad features and… Read more »

Pay Per Click (PPC) – is it for me?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a great way of getting your business noticed online. But how does it work? And when might it be right for you? PPC – taking you to the top of the Google tree. When your customers use a search engine to find what they need, Google (or their… Read more »

Facebook Zero News Feed Update: How to maximise the reach of organic posts

Last month Facebook announced that they were making changes to their News Feed. This change, referred to as the Facebook Zero update will prioritise content from friends and family over public content from businesses and publishers. In addition to this, posts which spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people will be rated higher in the… Read more »

5 Facebook advertising predictions for 2018

Facebook advertising evolved considerably in 2017, making it easier than ever for small businesses to advertise on the platform.  Advertising will become more prominent in 2018 with Facebook investing in countless new features, advert types, reporting capabilities and a suite of tools to manage adverts making the whole process automated, simple to use and understand. … Read more »

Digital Marketing trends to embrace in 2018

As we enter into the New Year, it’s really worthwhile taking time to consider the digital and social trends that are changing the way in which your customers consume content.  In an increasingly digital world where the average person spends nearly 9 hours per day on digital devices[1], it’s essential for small businesses to not… Read more »

Why getting to grips with SEO is crucial

When you want to find something online, what do you do? Most of us will use a search engine like Google to tap in what we need – then wait for a list of options. And when we get those options we tend to take them and not give a thought to what just happened…. Read more »

Inbound Marketing – How to connect with customers on a more personal level

In an increasingly digital world where the average person spends nearly 9 hours per day on digital devices[1], it’s essential for small businesses to have some form of digital strategy.  Furthermore, with 81% of people researching online before buying[2], the need for inbound marketing is paramount. So what is inbound marketing and how does it… Read more »

Facebook Explore Feed: What small business need to know about organic posts

Last year Facebook announced that they were making changes to their News Feed algorithm[1] in order to enable people to see more content from their friends and family.  Facebook recently launched a series of related tests in small countries such as Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia[2].  The test centers around the introduction… Read more »

Video is the new black – 5 video trends you shouldn’t ignore

Last year Facebook announced that they were making changes to their News Feed algorithm[1], to enable people to see more content from their friends and family.  Whilst this development has been well received by many users, it means that it’s more important than ever for companies promoting their business via Facebook to choose the right… Read more »

10 Tips on how to set up your Facebook for Business page

Setting up a Facebook page for your business can appear to be a daunting exercise to those who perhaps lack experience or knowledge of digital media. We’ll let you in on a little secret……………….it’s actually, very accessible and relatively easy to set up if you have the right information and know-how. Here we share our… Read more »

5 questions to ask your social media agency

Social media offers huge opportunities for SMEs, with a huge potential audience, hyper-focused targeting and the ability to start one-to-one conversations. With the right strategy, messaging and creative, social media can make a huge difference to your business. Investing in an agency to support your in-house team can make a big difference, but ensuring they’re… Read more »

Facebook organic reach – 5 tips to succeed

If you’ve used Facebook seriously for your business, you would be well aware of the changes to the platform. Organic Reach is a description of the amount of individuals that see your post for free, native to their News Feed. Typically it is either your ‘Fans’ or ‘Likes’ and any friends of theirs who see… Read more »

Call-To-Action with Instagram Story Placements

Call-to-Action with Instagram Story Placements

If you’re determined to get the best ad results, interweaving Instagram and Facebook together is a no-brainer. Instagram has grown from strength to strength since its acquisition by Facebook, starting with 40 million users before, to now just over 600 million and this year is estimated to be no different. THE NEWS! In August 2016, Facebook announced Snapchat-like stories… Read more »

Deeptext – Facebook’s text understanding engine

WHAT IS IT? Facebook recently announced a new way in which its Facebook platform can now understand posts and messages with “near-human accuracy.” Text is the most common form of communication on Facebook, whether it’s post updates or using Facebook Messenger with your friends or family. Facebook wants to understand this better in order to… Read more »

5 festive season marketing ideas for Facebook

A recent study by Facebook shows more and more consumers are using their smart phones to shop or at least to plan their shopping as they move towards the holiday season. Your customers are connecting with friends, family and (hopefully) you in preparation for the biggest buying season of the year and they’re doing it… Read more »

Is Facebook too big for small businesses?

In business when it comes to advertising and marketing there are two things you absolutely need to accept 1) advertising is entirely necessary and 2) good advertising costs money- not a lot of money if done correctly, but it won’t be free. Getting your advertising at the right price is critical. If you’re a Bluechip… Read more »

20 simple ways to pump up your Facebook page

One of HoneyBadger’s specialties is simplifying often complex notions and distilling them into simple marketing and advertising steps which are easy for small and medium businesses to follow. Here are 20 simple yet effective ways to pump up your Facebook page: Post Pics: Use more images (and less text) when posting on your Facebook page…. Read more »

5 tips to improve your social media adverts

Social media isn’t complex, yet people have a tendency to over complicate things. The key is to remember that in the end “it’s just advertising” and within that idea lay the three basic principles that are the hallmarks of all effective advertising initiatives: – Make your ads easy to remember – Make sure that your… Read more »

10 Facts you shouldn’t ignore about Social Media

Did you know that there are 2.3 billion active social media users today? Twittering, posting, messaging, blogging, commenting and sharing every second of the day. At the beginning, there were those that predicted that social media was just a fad, nothing more than a phase and would soon disappear….but let’s face it social media is… Read more »

Open me! Eight top tips to make your email campaign click

Email Marketing - Honeybadger Solutions

The Direct Marketing Association recently declared that ‘email has never been so important’ for achieving brand goals, and with an average return on investment of £38 for every £1 spent, there’s no denying it offers value for money. So with that in mind, here are our eight top tips for making your email campaign click…. Read more »

Your digital marketing strategy in four simple steps

Digital Marketing - Honeybadger Solutions

Digital marketing. Just two little words that represent a whole world of ever changing evolving options for connecting with your customer. It’s no wonder it can sometimes feel like a dark art that only experts should handle, but in reality it’s only as complicated as you want to make it. If you’ve got a website or a… Read more »