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What the Google Ads rebrand means for small business

Google have announced a comprehensive rebrand in an attempt to streamline its offerings to better reflect their current capabilities but it’s important to note that what’s under the hood of the products largely isn’t changing. It’s more of a name change to reflect where the company has been heading over the last few years along… Read more »

Digital marketing made simple – 5 tactics for delivering a strong digital plan

In an increasingly digital world where the average person spends nearly 9 hours per day on digital devices[1], it’s essential for small businesses to not only understand digital marketing but to embrace it and build an effective strategy to connect with potential customers.  Digital marketing can be a scary term with many people offering different… Read more »

Seeing is believing! – Why visual advertising should be part of your digital plan

With online shopping forecast to grow by 57% this year[1] and with many people choosing to research online before they buy it’s important for small businesses to project themselves online in a way which not only represents their business, but displays themselves and the products and services that they offer in the most attractive and… Read more »

Touch Down! – 5 types of landing pages that can be used to grow your business

We have talked a lot in recent months about the merits of having a successful website and the methods involved to promote and draw people to it through pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO).  With your plan in place it’s time to think about what information your different audiences need from… Read more »

How to deliver success with Google AdWords PART 2

During our last blog on this topic, we explored the first 3 steps to building a solid PPC plan with Google AdWords.  We talked about the necessity to set solid foundations by being clear on what objective you are trying to achieve, understanding your audience and conducting keyword research before launching your AdWords campaigns.  In… Read more »

How to deliver success with Google AdWords PART 1

With over 85% of online searches completed on Google it’s the world’s largest search engine[1], so when it comes to pay per click (PPC) advertising, Google AdWords is a popular choice for small businesses wanting to invest in online advertising. Google AdWords features ads prominently in search results. For example, if users were searching for… Read more »

5 principles for delivering an effective website

With 3.8 billion internet users[1] spanning the globe, it’s now essential that small businesses get themselves online.  So whether you already have your own website or you’re just starting up, follow our 5 key principles for delivering an effective website.   Professional design Your website may be the first touch point a customer has with… Read more »

Why getting to grips with SEO is crucial

When you want to find something online, what do you do? Most of us will use a search engine like Google to tap in what we need – then wait for a list of options. And when we get those options we tend to take them and not give a thought to what just happened…. Read more »

Your digital marketing strategy in four simple steps

Digital Marketing - Honeybadger Solutions

Digital marketing. Just two little words that represent a whole world of ever changing evolving options for connecting with your customer. It’s no wonder it can sometimes feel like a dark art that only experts should handle, but in reality it’s only as complicated as you want to make it. If you’ve got a website or a… Read more »