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Traditional Services - Honeybadger Solutions
26th May 2017

Printed materials still have real power, even in the digital age

We’ve all seen the TV advert. The florist who uses a well known ‘make and print’ website to create her flyers and now the orders are flooding in. Then there’s the

How good advertising can help your business
9th May 2017

What good advertising can do for your business

When it comes to the power of advertising, most people know that it has great potential, however many small companies might not understand how to tap into this

31st January 2017

Main Media Trends for 2017

As we head out of 2016, the media landscape in 2017 looks good overall. Global advertising spend will grow 4.2%.Developing markets[1] will see the fastest growth in

30th October 2016

Great advertising – Part Two

BUILD A RELATIONSHIP The big trick is to relate your business’s products or services to appeal to people’s basic emotions, because nobody has ever changed their mind

28th October 2016

Great advertising – Part One

Charles Haskell Revson’s (Revlon) famous quote says it all. When asked by a woman what Revlon’s product was he replied “My dear lady, on the factory floors, our

22nd September 2016

Developing a marketing strategy

Getting the most out of your marketing starts with having a smart strategy in place. As a media professional, you know that when it comes to marketing, there’s never

8th August 2016

Is it time for a brand refresh?

If you’re an SME looking to make your mark, a brand refresh could be the best investment your company makes. So how do you know when it’s time for a refresh? 1) It’s

30th July 2016

How to do a SWOT analysis in your business

A SWOT analysis is a business tool which helps you to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business. It’s a valuable planning

17th July 2016

How to increase your conversion levels

When you have people visit your website, click on your emails or make an enquiry, it’s essential that you can convert as many of them as possible into customers. But

5th July 2016

How to stay ahead of your competitors

Once you understand your competitors, it’s worth taking time to think about how you can compete. And don’t worry, it’s not just about being the cheapest. We share

Competitors - Honeybadger Solutions
3rd July 2016

How to understand your competitors

How to understand your competitors Do you know who your competitors are? Their strengths and weaknesses? How much they charge? Why customers choose them? You may

Digital Marketing - Honeybadger Solutions
2nd May 2016

Your digital marketing strategy in four simple steps

Digital marketing. Just two little words that represent a whole world of ever changing evolving options for connecting with your customer. It’s no wonder it can


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