Customer success story: Quantum Motor Company

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Driving engagement using Facebook and Instagram Ads


Increase in Facebook Page Impressions


People reached with their Facebook Ads

Company Background

Quantum Motor Company have a wide range of vehicle types from large to small, diesel to petrol and 4×4. They deliver cars across the whole of the UK and Northern Ireand as well. They also provide finance packages and independently search the market for the best rates with over 30 different lenders.

Business Objective & Challenge

Owner Tom wanted to drive brand awareness and leads for potential purchasers of second hand vehicles. He also wanted to ensure they appeal to people needing car finance.

How HoneyBadger Helped

Using Facebook advertising HoneyBadger set up ad targeting and creative to reach target audiences of people interested buying used cars and searching for car finance.

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How HoneyBadger Helped

The real value that HoneyBadger brings to my business is that their Digital Specialists monitor our campaigns daily and as soon as they spot something they feel could improve our campaign performance they immediately make the change and let me know about it. I wouldn't have the time to do this myself as have my business to run.

Tom Murtha, Owner

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