Eight Estates

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Moving up the ladder with Facebook and Instagram Ads


Impression to build awareness


Average video watch

Company Background

Eight Estates is a family run estate and lettings agency situated in the heart of Sunderland, UK.  Offering years of experience, local area knowledge and competitive fees, they provide a truly personal , professional and outstanding customer experience.

Business Objective & Challenge

Eight Estates wanted to build brand awareness in their local market. They had never advertised on Facebook before.

How HoneyBadger Helped

The aim of the campaign was to raise brand awareness in the local market so reach and impressions (i.e. the number of times people would see the Eight Estates advert on Facebook) were key, as was the average video  watch percentage. With all this in mind, HoneyBadger went about creating a video advert that focused on Brand and content that would relate to the local community.

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How HoneyBadger Helped

Before we did Facebook Advertising we had no idea of how precise the targeting could be or how success could be so accurately measured through the metrics and the HoneyBadger Dashboard. We believe this campaign represented good value for money and we were able to measure our return on investment.

Benjamin Teesan, Owner