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Barking up the right tree using Facebook Lookalike targeting


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Company Background

Due to their extensive experience for many years, founders Paul and Sarah have been asked by clients and friends alike about the value and usefulness of various pet accessories. Both in the pet’s health field (e.g dog nail clippers, joint supplements, feeding bowls), and the general pet add-ons area such as car seat covers, toys etc. So they finally decided to produce a range of their own products. Each individual item has been used either individually or / and in their clinics. They figured, if Gordon / Chef Ramsey can do it for cooking then they could do it for Pet Health and Wellbeing!


Business Objective & Challenge

With a strong product range, but in a very competitive market, Petstoreo wanted to use Facebook and Instagram to promote their range of dog joint supplements.

How HoneyBadger Helped

HoneyBadger drove a number of campaigns based on a Lookalike audience who had visited Petstoreo’s website and viewed their Flexidog product range. The audience was created based on the Facebook pixel data for landing page views of Petstoreo website.

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How HoneyBadger Helped

I have been running my own Facebook campaigns for a good while. I love the guidance HoneyBadger have given me to ensure we take a more structured approach to our Facebook and Instagram advertising in order to maximize my chance of success.

Paul Proctor, Veterinary Surgeon and Owner