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Company Background

Suzanne Gill is a medium, based in the North East of England who discovered the ability to communicate with the spirits many years ago.  This gift means that her services are in great demand, with appointments for her readings sometimes booked months ahead. Suzanne’s work gives her the opportunity to meet lots of people through events and one to one readings. The messages of love, comfort and direction she delivers are the best many of her clients have ever received and word of mouth praise for Suzanne grows daily.

Business Objective & Challenge

Suzanne wanted to  increase her brand awareness and reach prospective new customers in order to drive ticket sales for her shows.

How HoneyBadger Helped

HoneyBadger designed a number of video adverts and re-designed her website so that the combination of these two really helped Suzanne enhance her on-line presence. The campaigns were designed to maximise reach and impressions in order to help Suzanne build up her brand and also sell tickets to her shows through a third party on-line ticket sales provider.

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How HoneyBadger Helped

HoneyBadger have created a lot of content and given me really professional-looking adverts and an amazing website. They’re always coming up with ideas around content and trying different things to make sure I’m getting the best possible value for money.

Suzanne Gill