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Using Facebook and Instagram Ads to shed light on your brand


Increase in website traffic


Increase in Leads

Company Background

The Shed Company Sydney South West specialises in building custom sheds and garages throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs. They pride themselves on providing the best custom sheds Sydney has to offer using only the best quality Aussie made Bluescope steel components.

Business Objective & Challenge

Owner, Michelle Paradjik, wanted to explore how advertising on Facebook and Instagram would increase her brand’s awareness. Her main objective when hiring HoneyBadger for her campaign was to be better known in her local area and potentially get more leads.

How HoneyBadger Helped

Initially, HoneyBadger began running a ‘traffic to website’ campaign to increase awareness of the brand and tell people why they should potentially do business with The Shed Company. After the initial 3 month campaign, Michelle saw a 100% increase in website traffic, and after around 6 weeks of the campaign starting, Michelle began to get a few enquiries per week. Pleased with the initial results, she then decided to go for a further 6 month renewal term. She also asked HoneyBadger to design a landing page in order to focus on capturing quality leads with a clear call to action. The results so far are that her campaign has now reached over 113,000 unique people from a local targeted audience and a 300 percent increase in leads.

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How HoneyBadger Helped

Many of the leads we have received are in the process of being closed, but due to the high sale order value of each shed being over $10,000 they take a bit of time to close. I would strongly recommend HoneyBadger Solutions to any business wanting to discover how advertising on Facebook and Instagram along with a really strong landing page could potentially help their business.

Michelle Paradjik, Owner