Customer success story: Tynemouth Watch House Garden Cycle Hub

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Company Background

Back in 2010 Josh Boyle completed the Coast to Coast cycle route. Elated and tired Josh was surprised to feel slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a place, a real finishing line, somewhere he could meet friends and family to mark his achievement. This moment facilitated a conversation with his brother Mark and their friend Gareth and The Watch House Garden project was born. At present The Coast to Coast Bike ride and Great North Bike Ride currently have no infrastructure to provide a welcoming end to a significant achievement. They want to change this by developing a piece of land in Tynemouth into a visually, low impact, leisure hub for the local and cycling community.

Business Objective & Challenge

The Tynemouth Watch House Garden Cycle Hub business objective was to engage the local community in their development plans and get as much community feedback and objections / positive support for their plans. They wanted to use Facebook in order to engage the community as well as garner on-line support via the local council’s website.

How HoneyBadger Helped

Initially, HoneyBadger targeted the community within the local area around the cycle route in order to get information and support for the proposed project. People with interests such as cycling, leisure and healthy eating etc. More recently, HoneyBadger designed and implemented a Facebook Slideshow Advert and began to drive people to the local council website in order to help The Watch House Garden to garner support for the development.

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How HoneyBadger Helped

The HoneyBadger Team's involvement with our project over the last few weeks has been invaluable! The second campaign they have run for us has already got over 260 link clicks to the local council's website to support our cause. We would have no hesitation in recommending HoneyBadger.

Mark Maitland, Partner

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