What the Google Ads rebrand means for small business

Google have announced a comprehensive rebrand in an attempt to streamline its offerings to better reflect their current capabilities but it’s important to note that what’s under the hood of the products largely isn’t changing. It’s more of a name change to reflect where the company has been heading over the last few years along with the desire to make it easier for advertisers and publishers to understand and start using their products.

There are 3 areas of rebranding:

Google AdWords has become Google Ads.

DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite are now under the brand Google Marketing Platform.

DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange are integrated into a new unified platform called Google Ad Manager.

The rebrand is currently underway with logos and interfaces starting to look different but fundamentally the core functionality remains the same.


Google Ads

The New Google Ads brand comprises of the full spectrum of advertising capabilities that Google now offer on and across other partner websites and apps.  The functionality and objective remains the same and allows marketeers to connect with billions of people through search, display, video and app ads across the web.

“Mobile is now a huge part of our everyday lives. People quickly switch from searching for products, to watching videos, browsing content, playing games and more. As a result, marketers have more opportunities to reach consumers across channels, screens and formats. The opportunity has never been more exciting, but it’s also never been more complex. Over the years, Google ads have evolved from helping marketers connect with people on Google Search, to helping them connect at every step of the consumer journey through text, video, display and more.”

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s SVP of ad[1]

Due to this complexity Google is making it even easier for small businesses to start advertising through the introduction of a new campaign type which has machine learning built into its core.  Small businesses can now use smart campaigns to create ads in minutes, leaving them free to spend the time where it’s needed the most – running the business!


Google Marketing Platform

For enterprise customers, DoubleClick advertiser products and Analytics 360 are now integrated under the umbrella of the Google Marketing Platform to ensure that companies can plan, create, buy, measure and optimize digital media buys in one place.  A recent study[2] confirmed that the number one priority for marketeers is to better understand their customers.  The new Google Marketing platform offering includes tools which make it easier to collaborate, share insights and achieve this customer-first approach to marketing.

As part of Google Marketing Platform, Google has also released a new feature called Display & Video 360. This tool aims to enable “creative, agency, and media teams to collaborate and execute ad campaigns end-to-end in a single place.” [3]


Google Ads Manager

The way in which publishers monetise their content has also changed. With people accessing content on multiple screens, and with advertisers’ growing demand for programmatic access, publishers need to be able to manage their businesses more simply and efficiently.  With this in mind Google have been working for the last 3 years on bringing together DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange to deliver a unified program under a new name: Google Ads manager.

Google Ad Manager will help publishers monetize all the new places where people are engaging, such as live streams, connected TVs, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), mobile games and other apps, and platforms like YouTube and Apple News.


The key for small businesses

Whilst the scale of the Google rebrand operates over their entire business the most interesting part for small businesses is the recognition that AdWords has evolved over the years from pure search based ads to become something more intuitive, spanning different types of media, and consumed in many different ways. The newly branded Google Ads offers small businesses and marketers a plethora of enhanced tools and opportunities to promote their business and key messages.  Whilst the core of the offerings within the rebrand remain the same, Google Ads remains a growth area within the Google business and you can expect to see regular updates and product launches to make it even easier to get your brand into pay per click advertising.