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HoneyBadger is a global leader in providing ‘do it for me’ solutions designed specifically for small and mid-size businesses. We know how to build successful social media campaigns and effective websites, and we’re experts at search engine optimisation and marketing. Naturally, you want more customers; more profitable and more loyal customers – HoneyBadger can help you find and keep these. Select one of the options below to see how we can help.

Honeybadger Solutions - Social Services

Social Media Campaigns

Creating and managing a good social media advertising strategy requires time and understanding. As a small or mid-size business owner we know you already have your hands full just running your business, without now having to be a social media or advertising guru too! In addition, bringing someone in-house to do your social media can be costly and often an unnecessary expense.

Honeybadger Solutions - Website Design

Website Design

Creating a professional-looking, mobile responsive website that helps you convert more leads and more sales is only half of the job. Using Website Analytics to understand where your prospects and customers are coming from, what they are doing on your website and how you can use this information to get more customers is the real differentiator between you and your competitors.

Google Adwords

With over 85% of online searches done on Google, it is clearly the worlds largest search engine. Google AdWords works by showing adverts that feature prominently in search results when people use Google.

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