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HoneyBadger has already worked in 20+ countries. We’ve already helped over 50,000 SMBs build their advertising and marketing plans to grow their businesses and build their brands. With offices in the UK, Australia, Canada, US, South Africa and Denmark, our customers get all the benefits of a global business but with local relevance

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Digital Marketing - Honeybadger Solutions


Thursday 22 February 2018

Your digital marketing strategy in four simple steps

Digital marketing. Just two little words that represent a whole world of ever changing evolving options for connecting with your customer. It’s no wonder it can

Improve SEO - Honeybadger Solutions


Thursday 22 February 2018

Why getting to grips with SEO is crucial

When you want to find something online, what do you do? Most of us will use a search engine like Google to tap in what we need – then wait for a list of options. And

Email Marketing - Honeybadger Solutions


Thursday 22 February 2018

Open me! Eight top tips to make your email campaign click

The Direct Marketing Association recently declared that ‘email has never been so important’ for achieving brand goals, and with an average return on investment of

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