How to win friends and influence people – 4 Facebook marketing tips

Many small businesses wonder if it’s worth their time and effort to get their business onto the Facebook platform.  But crucially, with 75% of people saying they consider social media as part of the buying process[1], it’s a necessity for any business wanting to increase their customers and revenue.

If you are lacking inspiration, and don’t know how to get started, you can do a lot worse than to follow our top 4 tips to get yourself up and running:


Set up a killer Facebook page

Setting up a Facebook page for your business can appear to be a daunting exercise to those who perhaps lack experience or knowledge of digital media.  We’ll let you in on a little secret……………….it’s actually very accessible and relatively easy to set up.

Think of your Facebook page as your shop window.  It’s the first point of contact that a potential customer has with your business, so it needs to look smart, professional and contain good quality content relevant to your business and audience.  Ensure all your images are of a good quality and resolution and that you use videos where you can to deliver key messages about your business.

As soon as you have set your page up, you’ll want to adjust your message settings to be bespoke to your business and also define the way in which you want to communicate with your customers.  On your page, if you go into: Settings> Messaging>Tick all three response assistants, and fill out a message that is personalised to your business.  Make sure you also add a “Call to Action” button to your homepage – this will allow your customers to interact with you and your business.


Post, post, post

Yes, it’s true that organic reach is disappearing but the reality is that the pros of having a Facebook page and making regular posts far outweighs the cons. On this point it is important to stick to a few key rules to ensure you achieve the best organic reach you can:

  1. You will need to create a steady flow of information and posts for your customers to ensure that you deliver an “always on” approach. Plan on 1-2 posts per week and think about the quality of information that you post to your page.  Ensure that you deliver native evergreen content and engaging native videos that are relevant, current and topical that you know your customers will be interested in.
  1. Evergreen content is good content that will be relevant for your audience for a long time. Whether they read it now or in 6 months’ time, it needs to be just as valuable. Keep it helpful, short and relevant regardless of when it will be read.
  1. Within recent years, Facebook have put greater emphasis on the use of videos for organic reach[2]. Videos are some of the most engaging content on the platform. It is also worth mentioning that native videos, rather than links to YouTube have a 186% higher interaction rate[3]. So if you can, make your own videos informing them about your business, product or service. Better yet, make a video helping them solve a problem or issue. Remember: it’s about providing your customers and potential customers good value for their time.
  1. Facebook prioritises content which generates conversation and meaningful interaction. Facebook’s post functionality now allows you to target your audience, and thus reach people who are more likely to interact with your post.  More likes, shares and comments, indicates to Facebook that your posts are good quality and that people see value in your post. In turn your organic reach will increase.


Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook advertising is the best way to boost your reach.  With 80% of users preferring to connect with businesses on Facebook[4], it continues to be an important platform to include in your digital strategy.  Facebook advertising provides small businesses with the opportunity to reach large audiences at relatively inexpensive costs.  It also allows users to target audiences effectively and boost reach through paid for ads.

Sit down and dedicate a budget; a serious budget. For too long Facebook has not been considered a serious advertising platform despite consistently outperforming its traditional predecessors. If you would happily spend £500 on your print campaigns, you should be even happier spending a minimum of that £500 on Facebook. Once you have a budget, you can then begin to set up a campaign to target your ideal customers. This will ultimately help your organic reach and drive in the right customers at the same time.  Furthermore, research shows that running Facebook ads can increase organic reach by 90%[5].


Test, evaluate and rejig

As with any marketing effort it’s important to test, review and evaluate to ensure that your plans are achieving the right objectives and results.  It’s great if your plans are already hitting the mark, but its equally as important to know what’s not working so that plans can be tweaked and your efforts evolve, making sure you make the most of every marketing dollar spent.

Use Facebook Page Insights to track all of your organic post data from likes, comments, shares and reach.  The Ads manager tool allows you to gather audience insights from the paid for ads and campaigns which you create.  Ads reporting shows you how your advertising is helping you achieve your business goals across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.  You can analyse your campaign results and learn more about your audience, your product sales, your campaign’s reach and much more. With this data, you can make more informed decisions when building your campaigns and ultimately improve the results of future campaigns.


Start now

Whether you are wondering where on earth to start, looking to increase your profile on social media or increase your customer base and revenue online, our 4 top tips are some of basic fundamentals that, if got right, will be central to you achieving your aims.